Record Management

Your Data, at Your Fingertips

EDGE provides an interface for clients to get an in depth view of their data at both the individual contact level as well as the company level.  Individual contacts and companies can be found through a robust search interface.

Contact Level Data

For individual contacts, EDGE provides aggregated profile and company information, association/membership IDs, communication preferences, historical registration and purchasing data as well as demographics and campaign user behavior tracking.

EDGE also provides calculated ROI and campaign spend for each individual contact. Updating and editing records is easily executed through the admin interface.


Company Level Data

EDGE provides Clients with the unique ability to access records and data on a company-level view. The company view provides a summary of company profile information as well as tracks individual company locations and the individuals associated to each location. Company view also provides aggregate totals of both total registration spend, total campaign spend and overall ROI.