Data Hygiene

Your Most Valuable Asset

Before your data makes it to EDGE we make every effort to match, clean and verify each record. We run all contacts through a series of calculated match keys which helps the system determine if the record is a new contact, a duplicate or a record that needs your review.

Data Matching Algorithms and Smart Keys

All records are automatically run through a series of match keys upon entry into EDGE to automatically look for duplicates. Based on the matching algorithm, records are either merged, aggregated against historical data, added as new contacts or placed in a Data Queue for human resolution.

In addition to the 20-plus match keys, EDGE also provides matching Smart Logic, an Experient-developed technology that provides a client configurable element to data cleaning. As a client continues to clean the contacts that land in the Data Queue, EDGE applies the matching Smart Logic to learn the client’s matching behavior, resulting in more broad-range and accurate matching.