Immediate Results. Long Term Impact.

Most of our clients are looking for the next big thing - looking to plan ahead for the future of their business. While Data Management may not be on the forefront of their minds today, the innovations of tomorrow are entirely dependent on the data of now. Learn how the features below can position your event for continued growth.

  • Customer Configurability

    EDGE is built for you - the marketer - and can expand as your organization and events grow.

  • Data Hygiene

    Get details on how EDGE protects and enhances your most valuable asset - your data.

  • Record Management

    EDGE provides an aggregated view of your customer actions at both an individual and company level.

  • List Creation

    Upload, tag, measure and merge your different list assets using EDGE.

  • Campaign Automation

    Create, manage and monitor your marketing campaigns in real-time, entirely through EDGE.

  • Reporting and Metrics

    EDGE provides Clients with business intelligence-based dashboards to analyze the current state of their database and event.