Client Feedback

EDGE can be an event marketing game-changer for Associations and Show Organizers.  Here is what our current Clients have to say about EDGE.

“IWF like every other event is a data collection point. With EDGE we will be able to simplify the cumbersome data that we have and make intelligent efficient decisions. In the past it's like the data stored at some remote shelf now like Jurassic Park the fossils DNA will come to life.”

“Our main decision in purchasing EDGE was to maintain the competitive edge. We need to compete where decisions are made whether that's face-to-face or in the cyber space. Technology and data intelligence are changing the world. The Event industry needs to get on board. EDGE will be like walking on the moon for the first time for the tradeshow industry.”

Jim Wulfekuhle, Director of Marketing, IWF


“EDGE will impact our business by delivering greater insights into the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns so we can better measure results and dedicate budgets to the best performing segments. Testing and measuring will drive a culture of continuous improvement.”

“We valued working with a company that has a in-depth understanding of our business – the tradeshow business. This was a key differentiator for us.”

Joanne Wheatley, VP, Manufacturing & Marketing Services, Emerald Expositions


Having control in-house of such a detailed-level of data completely changes the way that we can use the information. Our targeted marketing efforts can be much more refined than ever before and the simplicity of use makes you wonder how you ever lived without it. EDGE is helping us keep a competitive advantage against other organizations that don’t recognize the value of knowing your audience this well.”

Karin Fendrich, COO, National Trade Productions


“EDGE provides a way to quickly and easily segment data for targeted marketing campaigns, which is critical in today’s information-overload environment. The ability to add certain types of data to a campaign – including budget numbers, target audiences and conversion timeline expectations – translates to metrics that can be used to design successful future campaigns.”

Nicole Buraglio, Marketing Director, ad: tech