• Data Driven Marketing

    EDGE is an intuitive, web-based data and event marketing management system designed for marketers to access and act on the entirety of their data 365-days a year.

    EDGE provides an interface to view and modify contact and company level data to keep your targets fresh, relevant and accurate.

    Record Management

  • Actionable Customer Insight

    EDGE provides clients the capability to evaluate trends in attendance, marketing performance and their overall business in real-time in order to respond accordingly to market needs. From utilization and analysis, EDGE can save time, measure return and ultimately, impact marketing directives. 

    EDGE can provide actionable, business intelligence at the click of a button.

    Snapshots and Analytics

  • Integrated Marketing Management

    Market smarter by combining business strategy, campaign automation and customer insight into a single platform.

    EDGE can simplify and maximize your marketing workday through campaign configurations.

    Campaign Automation


Work Smarter with a Platform that Gives You an EDGE

EDGE is an Event Marketing Management system designed for Marketers to access and act on their data 365-days a year and make powerful and intelligent business decisions. As a subscription-based SaaS product, EDGE provides Event Organizers with an affordable Data Management option to centralize all attendee and prospect data in an easy to use platform.
  • Affordable and Accessible

    As a subscription-based SaaS system, EDGE provides centralized, network-based access to your data with less overhead than if you hosted it locally.

  • Eliminate Bad Data

    Why waste time and money on bad data when there is EDGE? Clean and aggregate your data to maximize your marketing efforts.

  • Timely and Relevant

    Event attendees have become exceedingly demanding and expect everything thrown at them to be relevant, customized and timely. How is your marketing platform meeting their needs?